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To view the current vacancies and apply for a specific position, please click Talents in the Tab, go to Working with us and find Job Offers. Then search positions by your preferences.
If on this occasion, you cannot find a suitable position, select ‘Upload my CV’ and we’ll contact you in the future should a suitable opportunity become available

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All sections of the application form must be completed to the best of your ability. The Cover Letter is Optional. Don’t forget to provide a full history of your career to date on your CV,  to tell us why you want the job and how your skills and experience match the job specification.

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You may not apply for multiple posts within a single application. However you can apply several times by applying to each job post individually.

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This is dependent upon the position you apply for and the criteria on the job specification. Your existing qualification level will be assessed in addition to your experience.

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A typical recruitment process from applying to a position to being offered can vary and is dependent on the role; however an estimate of one month should be expected.

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Vietnamese is in most cases crucial. If we are looking for a foreigner, it will be stated in the job description.