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30 - 08 - 2018

At the 2nd Meeting of World Record Holders 2018 and the 35th Meeting of Vietnam Record Holders,  WFPA Institute held GLOBAL VISION OF FOUNDER 2018  in season 1/2018 to honor 3 Vietnam founder and 1 Indian Founder
World Founder and Progenitor Academy – WFPA is an organization under the management of World Kings. The aim of this organization is to research, record and honor the values of business community and the entrepreneurs who own the national record and the world record.
In 2018, WFPA Institute acknowledged and honored record holders as founders having vision - GLOBAL VISION OF FOUNDER 2018.  This was one of the activities in the journey to find and honor TOP Record Holders As Founders who created the valuable brand in their countries in order to acknowledge, honor and appreciate their contribution.

And in this event, Chairman Johnathan Hanh Nguyen was honored as receiving the GLOBAL VISION OF FOUNDER 2018 in the season 1/2018.

Mr. David Moline –  representative of World King and WFPA Institute is giving the certificate and badge for chairman Johnathan Hanh Nguyen

Chairman Johnathan Hanh Nguyen is known as one of the inspiring entrepreneurs who founded IPPG – a leading multi-industry corporation as well as the first one to establish a direct air route between Vietnam – Philippines in 1985. Along with Chairman Johnathan Hanh Nguyen, the meeting was also honored 3 more founders including Mr Le Van Kiem – Chairman of Long Thanh Golf Investment And Trading J.S.C, Mr Le Thanh Than – Chairman of Muong Thanh Group Join Stock Company and Mr Kan Hassoman Lakhani – The Vice Principal of World Records University.