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03 - 12 - 2018

At 2018 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards's Gala night organized by the Enterprise Asia, amongst 18 Vietnamese enterprises and entrepreneurs, IPPG was honorably recognised as Vietnam's 'Corporate Excellence' in Retails. Mr. Phillip Nguyen - IPPG’s Vice President, represented the Group receiving the trophy.

On November 28th, 2018, Enterprise Asia - Asia’s Leading Non-Governmental Organization for entrepreneurship announced 18 Excellent Corporates & Entrepreneurs in Vietnam to receive Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2018. This award is not only a recognition for outstanding business performances but also a chance to connect and expand the market to all around the Asia for these Vietnamese corporates by programs & support of Enterprise Asia.

With the theme of ‘Promoting Inclusive Economic Development Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship’ this year, Enterprise Asia organized Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 or APEA at HCMC with the presence of over 200 attendees including outstanding leading corporates and entrepreneur and dignitaries, media & press.

With an impressive business performance in 2018, IPPG was awarded at this event. IPPG has always taken pride in one of pioneer corporates in contributing to Vietnamese fashion industry by bringing luxury & mid-tier fashion brands, such as: Cartier, Rolex, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Nike, Gap, Calvin Klein ...
This event is also a chance to connect outstanding Corporates & Entrepreneurs in Asia together in order to promote innovation and fair competition and to create more sustainable business activities across Asia. APEA has been a prestige award, organized annually at 14 nations. In Vietnam, there are 80 corporates & entrepreneurs in 24 industries to be nominated and join this award.
According to Mr. William Ng – Enterprise Asia’s President, “Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards has been taking lead in promoting creative innovation in doing business and professional leadership. Corporates & Entrepreneurs recognized by Enterprise Asia are all excellent as well as sharp in doing business. They all have high standards in business’s attitude which is the same as what Enterprise Asia aims for, for example “People investment” and “Sustainable business”.