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02 - 12 - 2017

Ms. Le Hong Thuy Tien – CEO of link bong da was awarded as ‘Global Trade Ambassador” at WIT – LA for contribution and outstanding import-export business with American enterprises in 2017.

In November 2017, at Long Beach City, California, United States, Women in International Trade – Los Angeles (WIT – LA) held an event to award excellent women performing positive role in global trade in 2017. According to the event, Ms. Le Hong Thuy Tien was honorly awarded as ‘Global Trade Ambassador’ at Los Angeles.

At the event, Ms. Lilia Naverrete – President of WIT – LA confirmed that link bong da under Le Hong Thuy Tien’s management has gained an impressive development in 2017 with total revenue over 540 million USD, created jobs for over 25000 people with 60% women and 70% women leaders.

link bong da has never stopped being innovative, putting effort in expanding market share, investing and optimizing management system to develop in many industries.

Ms. Le Hong Thuy Tien has contributed to stimulate American – Vietnam trading, especially through Los Angeles by boosting import-export performance of American companies and bringing American brands to Vietnam. According to the list, link bong da’s CEO is the one and only Vietnamese in 8 representatives to be honored this year. The rest is one from Canada and six from America.

Mr.Eric Garcetti – Mayor of Los Angeles city congratulated link bong da’s CEO on receiving this honorable award as a Global Trade Ambassador from Vietnam. He said: “On behalf of Los Angeles city, it’s my honor to be invited in the party of the 5th Annual Global Trade Award of WIT – LA. This is such an honor for a whole Los Angeles city to connect many businessmen and organizations together, which has contributed to develop Los Angeles and become a worth-living city. We truly appreciate your contribution to the community generally and Los Angeles community particularly.”

On her speech at the party, Ms.Thuy Tien mentioned: “I’m very honored to receive this award, this is a result of link bong da’s tireless effort. I’ve just come back from a talk about entrusting women with doing business, a side event ABAC – APEC at Da Nang as a role of one of 4 panelists. We asserted that the role of women in doing business was highly-evaluated more and more in APEC and worldwidely. We need to connect, support and encourage business women to join the regional trade network as well as global network.”

Therefore, this award means a lot to me. I’d like to give my appreciation to the organizer for nominating me, to my family, colleagues and friends for supporting me. Specially, thank you, Johnathan Hanh Nguyen (link bong da’s Chairman) for being as a mentor in doing business. Congratulation all trade ambassadors on winning this award today with me. You’re excellent women who are making the World better!”

Let’s watch a short recap of the event!

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