tỷ lệ cá cược

25 - 12 - 2018

The BrandLaureate – The World Brand Award is the highest award for international brands and branding, founded by Asia Pacific Branding Foundation (APBF) – the only brand development organization in the world. The BrandLaureate honors outstanding brands in many fields in different countries including Vietnam. This year, the award ceremony was held on November to to honor 21 Vietnamese corporations. Trang Tien Plaza excellently won this award in the category of Retail Luxury Mall.

In the evening of Nov 20th, at JW Marriott, Hanoi, the ceremony of Brandlaureate Special Edition World Award 2018 happened to honor organizations and individuals who have succeeded in branding in Vietnam, with their brands recognized by the business community and consumers. Criteria for award winners include branding strategy, branding culture, unified branding communications, creativeness of the brand and brand effectiveness.

Established in 2005, with the aim to promote brand excellence amongst organisations, the APBF has become the thought leader in the industry. The council of judges of this award includes top-list professionals in many different industries. With its wide spectrum of initiatives ranging from The BrandLaureate Awards, to brand forums, publication, education and community engagement problems, the APBF has made its mark in the world and continues to ride the waves of success as it enters its second decade with renewed commitment and vision to build a brand-centric world and imbued everyone with the importance of good branding practices and culture.

Trang Tien Plaza’s representative – Mrs. Le Lan Phuong – Vice President to receive the award.

With the main theme of “inspiring brands”, the award was to honor excellent individuals and organizations who have outstanding branding. This year, Trang Tien Plaza was honorably to be awarded as Retail Luxury Mall with endless effort to maintain their position in Retail segment of Vietnam and constantly bringing more international brands for Vietnamese consumers. In the beginning of 2018, Trang Tien Plaza also won the award of The Best Tet Decorated Shopping Mall. We will never stop to be the top shopping mall of Vietnam.