Tin thể thao

  • Long-term focus

    We are not only a buy-and-sell Group, we aim to maintain long-term partnership with our partners. Our collaborative team manages our portfolios in joint of setting strategic vision for long-term achievement.

  • bong da trực tuyến

    IPPG maintains investment capital ensuring our sub-companies develop inherently and independently; in fact, the companies together grow based on networking investment and expansion, not on merger. IPPG balance sheet fastens transactions and avoids financial risks.

  • Bóng đá Brazil

    Our management team has extensive experiences in running businesses in different industries. We are not an asset management firm, we are keen to be an active collaborative partner of yours.

  • Sân bóng đá

    We support human resources, finance, business development, and other departments that make the company successfully grows.

  • Our faith

    We commit to our core values and believe those values have built the Group's foundation for which we are improving and moving forward by day.

  • kết quả bóng đá world cup

    Invest in local projects will successfully bring awareness to the brands.

  • xem bong da trực tuyến

    We give thorough support to diminish legal procedures, papers, and issues.

  • bóng đá hôm nay ngoại hạng anh

    We capture Vietnam market trends and demands also each local region in particular.

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