Warehouse Manager

Tổng quan công việc

  • Công ty: DAFC
  • Địa điểm: Hồ Chí Minh
  • Phòng ban: Logistics
  • Loại hợp đồng:
  • Thiết bị, công cụ:
  • Kinh nghiệm:

    1. Experience: 3 – 5 years in the same position

    2. Degree: University graduate or equivalent

    3. In good health

    4. Hardworking, faithful

    5. Be honest, detailed, careful

    6. Teamwork, accountability

    7. Ability to work under high pressure

  • Bằng cấp:

    Degree: University graduate or equivalent

  • Hạn nộp hồ sơ: 31 - 01 - 2018

Mô tả

Trách nhiệm

1. Warehouse overall management.

2. Supervise & manage the process and procedure of inbound/ outbound, goods preservation and inventory management,

3. Supervise, assign work and motivate warehouse staff to work effectively.

4. Design and update warehouse map.

5. Regularly check and assess the status of warehouses, ensure the safety of goods, shelves, pallet, and the clean and tidiness of the warehouse.

6. Coordinate with warehouse accountants to manage the data of inbound, outbound, inventory and periodically inventory checking.

7. Be responsible for reporting and documents managing in accordance with the established working system and procedures of the company.

8. Implement the delivery plan to stores, ensure safety inventory.

9. Absolutely comply the fire prevention and fighting rules in the warehouse and in accordance with the Law.

10. Developing warehouse management procedures, safety procedures in accordance with national and international standards and ensuring compliance.

11. Ensure team spirit, solidarity and support for colleagues

12. Complying with the labor regulations, rules and regulations of the company

13. Other tasks as required by Line Manager and the management board of the company.

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